When do we meet?: Thursdays, 12:30pm

Where do we meet?: Meeting at West End Outreach Centre 10105 -153 St

Who participates?: Parents and children of growing families

Who leads?: Sue Rounding and number of community professionals

and Centre volunteers.

Why do we meet?: To connect moms and dads with resources available to them as they raise their families, give helpful teaching and information , and provide an environment for building relationships in the community

What happens at the group?

We often have  teaching from different guest speakers from our community.  We cover topics like, nutrition, childcare, free activities in the city, fit mom, available services for low income parents, and much more  This is followed by lunch and getting to know each other.  We also offer food, clothing and baby supplies distribution.

During the group, there are information pamphlets available about various topics and donations of baby clothing, toys and other items for families to take. There is also a nurse present who is available for one-on-one counselling and medical concerns.

We partner with other organizations to provide other services:

 •. Health for Two offers bus tickets for doctors appointments, milk coupons, prenatal vitamins, and a pregnancy book to pregnant ladies or nursing moms with children under 2 months.

 • Health for Two and Parent Link offer the Wecan Food Co-op: food can be ordered once a month for $20 and 3 meats, 3 fruits and 3 vegetables are given.

 • Referrals for women without doctors to the Woodcroft Medical Clinic.

 • Health for Two and Boys and Girls Club have had opportunities for free admission to city attractions on group outings.

 • The Fusion Church offers a community kitchen every 2 weeks that many people from the group attend. Each time two meals and a desert are made and can be taken home to your family for $3 per person in the household.

 • In the fall the Woodcroft Library and Health for Two has put on a crock pot program for the moms. The group eats lunch, receives all the ingredients to make the recipe, a crock pot and a meat coupon so they can make the meals at home for their families.

 • Connection to Volunteer Doulas for pregnant moms if their family income is less than $20,000/year.

 • Information about upcoming community events.

 • The city offers summer camps to low-income families for school-aged children.

 • In the past we were given a beautification grant for the city of Edmonton for people living in the neighbourhood. This was divided among the members to get flowers for their balconies.

Boys and Girls Club, Health for Two, Jasper Place Library, Community Social Worker, Leisure Activity Coordinator


Sue Rounding,


Family Group