Kids of Promise is dedicated to the moral, spiritual and artistic development of children from all backgrounds who will come to grow in their creative talents and abilities.Kids of Promise is a positive place where children are loved, affirmed and encouraged to grow and develop in character, gifting and service to others. Kids of Promise is geared for ages 8—13 with a training program for the development of youth leadership.  The Creative arts aspect of Kids of Promise with opportunities for public performance includes:

Executive Director


Program Director


Sherry Adams has lived and worked in West Edmonton for the past 30 ears.  She has been creatively involved in leadership of a number of community and child-focused initiatives working with public school principals and counselors, establishing children’s programs and providing resources for families in need.  She is currently a trustee on the Edmonton Public School Board

Daniel Saison is the Program Director for Kids of Promise with over 20 years experience as a musician and multimedia. He holds a BTh from Gardner College and an AS from Pioneer Pacific College. He has taught guitar and toured professionally in the Pacific Northwest. From 2006-2012, he was the director of children’s programming and multimedia at The Safe Place in Portland, Oregon

Kids of Promise