The Kids of Promise program is a vibrant, inclusive program that engages youth in positive and caring activities. As the MLA for Edmonton-Glenora, I am proud to have the energy and talent of so many volunteers who make a make a difference everyday!

-Heather Klimchuk, former MLA, Edmonton-Glenora

       The need for low cost extra curricular programming and support to children, families and those new to Canada is a reality in the city’s west end.   The West End COC supports a large number of children, families and individuals that benefit from skill building and social cohesion.  

               -Catherine McGuire, Neighbourhood and Community Development, City of Edmonton


     I support the efforts of the West End Outreach Centre.  I wholly believe in the merit of providing children and families with community based positive opportunities, mentorship and supports in a safe and caring environment.  An outreach centre that meets the needs and supports lower income families and their children is a great benefit to the community.  This  is a way to address many of the root causes of crime and build individual community and resiliency.

               -Connie Marciniak, Neighbourhood Empowerment Team, Edmonton Police Service


     Brightview School has been fortunate to have “Kids of Promise” as a community partner for the past 20 years.  Having a creative arts academy in our community provides important opportunities for our socially vulnerable children.  It is truly a pleasure to support the West End OC.

            -Tony Kernaghan, Brightview School Principal (Retired)


        The West End Outreach Centre is important to the community. Their many initiatives are vital and certainly compliment our efforts at the Jasper Place Health and Wellness Centre as we work together.

-Scotti Coles, Executive Director, Jasper Place Health and Wellness Centre


        As a Program Coordinator for the Edmonton Immigration Services Association, I am really pleased to endorse the expansion of the West End Outreach Centre.  There is an acute need right now for a welcome and program delivery centre in the West End.  We are committed to working with the West End OC to establish and promote this new Centre for immigrants.

               -Maria Angelica Quesada, New Neighbours Program Coordinator, EISA